Terms of Use

EFFECTIVE DATE:- 1st January 2020

If you wish to use this website or employ landtrack.pk for any service, you must agree to the terms below as the exclusive basis which governs usage of the website and provision of services. If you do not agree to any of the terms, do not use this website or employ landtrack.pk for any service.

THIS AGREEMENT is made between landtrack.pk and you ("the User").

Terms and Condition

By accessing this website you are subject to the agreement of the following terms and conditions as communicated by “Landtrack.pk“, the use of this website not in alignment with the following terms and condition would be deemed as “ Unlawful” . Non-Compliance of the following might result in legal action.

No Advice

It is to communicate that this website constitutes of no content to be termed as solicited or unsolicited advice. The individuals are encouraged to seek legal advice from legal personals before the commencement of legal action of any sort.

Limitation of Liability

To communicate that Landtrack.pk is not and will not be held accountable with the exception of the extent permitted by the law for the damage or loss of any kind resulting from the consequential, incidental or negligence. Landtrack.pk  reserves the right to declare that any impairment, mutilation or forfeiture as a result of the consequential or incidental use of the website is not a liability deemed against Landtrack.pk

Intellectual Property

To communicate that imitation, reproduction or manipulation of any and all content, graphics present and made available on the website and displayed  is the property of “Landtrack.pk” , will be deemed “ Unlawful”  as expressively conversed. The content duplication caught and viewed can and may result in the cancellation of the service,                 “Landtrack.pk” reserves the right to take legal action against any recorded manipulation,, reproduction and imitation of the content and/or graphics present and published in the website. All content and/graphics is the reserved property of “ Landtrack.pk”.


The information  provided by the client on the client shall be disclosed with the organization solely on a need to know basis,  shall be protected with commitment and assurance. The information provided shall not be employed for a purpose other than the initial aim for its collection. In the case of any consequential breach, the said event shall be investigated thoroughly. The data provided shall be deemed as confidential. The user can appeal to view and inspect any and all information provided and recorded. The data and records provided shall not be under any circumstances without communicating shall be disclosed to any third party besides any member within the organization for the benefit of both the parties.

Payment Terms

In accordance with the present policy the client shall have the free right to select and choose any package designed and made available be it in compliance with the client’s need and business nature. The client shall have the autonomy to choose any monetary transaction method that may be inclusive of but not limited to Cash, Bank Transfer, Banker’s Credit Card or the Banker’s Debit Card. The payment must be completed within the time period agreed and in full. The failure to complete the transaction within the given time period may result in the termination of the service and grand autonomy to Landtrack.pk to withhold the proclamation of the service.  The service shall be deemed as property of the company until the transaction.


To communicate that the website as similar to several other interactive platform uses Cookies and reserved the right to the collection of the data on every visit to the website provided solely to be employed for the benefit of the party, functionality of the website and ease of use for the user.


To  declare that the client may contact and communicate the queries and questions of any sort through the multiple contact information provided by Landtrack.pk on the Contact Us which can be accessed at https://www.landtrack.pk/contact-us.

Notification of Changes

To communicate that Landtrack reserves the inherent right to make and proceed with any changes in the terms and condition that it deems appropriate at any given time.

Cancellation Policy

The Landtrack holds the autonomy to cancel the service at any given moment with the cancellation notification limited to the time frame of 24 hours. The website is granted to the autonomy of the cancellation without the inherent requirement of elaboration of the cause. We reserve the right to a non-negotiable cancellation provided any breach in the terms and condition and/or the privacy policy which can be viewed https://www.landtrack.pk/privacy-policy.